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Sounds covered in historic shimmer

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Monday, April 15th, 2019
Simona Dumitriu and Tawanda Appiah in conversation. Photo: Graziella Loyrette

In that yellow light the cables on the floor are carefully mounted. This is a place to listen, this is a place to dance, this is a place to talk.

Who are you? Are you a name and a space? a conversation with Tawanda Appiah and Simona Dumitriu.

Venue: Skånes Konstförening

Simona Dumitriu. Photo: Graziella Loyrette

Who are you? Are you a name and a space? We are gathered around a vinyl record player in the middle of the room. The yellow light in the room covers our stories with a historic shimmer.

Tawanda Appiah and Simona Dumitriu invites us to take part of the curatorial conversation around the exhibition “The appearance and disappearance of futures and pasts”. Listening, talking and playing music.

Sound is brought up as an instant and powerful tool to express identity and culture that can be replayed in future new environments. A politic tool against colonisation. A social tool to reunite. A historic recordable movement sounding from the pasts in to the futures. Appearing and disappearing, some sounds are in some times and places impossible to find.

Tawanda Appiah. Photo: Graziella Loyrette

Individual perspectives are shared by Simona Dumitriu and Tawanda Appiah around personal and collective life stories connected to and constructed through music. Music as something joyful, music against oppression, music as a gathering.

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