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Augustenborgstorget, 214 48 Malmö

Post adress
Lantmannagatan 4b, 214 44 Malmö

☏ Sweden 0046790793990

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Bicycle parking is available on the squere.

By foot

Train or bus
5 min walk from Malmö Persborg station.

Malmö Lönngården i the nearest bus stop, bus 35.
Alternative bus stop is Sofielundm, bus: 1, 32, 141.

Parking is available on the squere.


Free admission


Can I take photos and film?

You are welcome to photograph and film our exhibitions with your phone camera and post whatever you like on social media. Please be advised that in accordance with GDPR regulations, you are not permitted to photograph other visitors without asking for their permission. Professional photography or photography with intent to publish or distribute the pictures in a magazine, book or TV requires our permission. 

Are pets welcomne?

Pets are welcome.

About Gallery Extra

Gallery Extra was started in 2018 by Johan Lundin as a presentation platform for performance art. Exhibitions are often arranged in places where art is not usually presented. Gallery Extra aims to serve as a platform for art that interacts with and shapes the surrounding community.

Contact us
☏ 0790793990 ✉ 💬 Live chat and call:
Find us
Human World is located in a shop on Augustenborgstorget in Malmö between Frisörerna Kerstin & Lasse and King Pizza. Look for the signage when you get there.
The premises are on the ground floor. There is a toilet but it is not that accessible. Mostly no loud noises.
What are the opening hours?
Usually we don't have regular opening hours. We publish all events in our calendar at our website. Subscribe to our newsletter to get invitations.
What is performance art?
Performance is an artform where the artwork is performed live. It can be anything, just like art can be anything. All performance works are different. Something that defines performance art is that the artwork is or contain something that is happening right now.