Personal Spa TV: Patrick Brady – Welcome to The Foreigner’s Guide to Deathworld
July 16, Facebook Live Stream

Personal Spa TV: Leif Holmstrand – Self-Careless
July 8, Facebook Live Stream

Bal Illegal #2
June 13, Facebook Live Stream

Personal Spa TV: Maria Norrman – Millennium Star-gazer
June 3, Facebook Live Stream / Panora, Malmö

Bal Illegal #1
May 9, Facebook Live Stream

Paper Works
May 25 – May 29, Facebook Live Stream / Panora, Malmö

Georgia Munnik – ‘hoe treur jy?’
March 15, Cape Town

Personal Spa TV: Thank You South Africa
March 14, Khayelitsha

Brett Charles Seiler – Handjob
March 12, Cape Town

Nomusa Musa Mtshali – Titanium Inner-Verse
March 3, Cape Town

Personal Spa TV: Welcome to Cape Town
February 7, Cape Town


Time Travel’s Julbord
December 15, Malmö

Time Travel Ice Break
December 4-8, Lund

Havens Träd

November 30, Simrishamn

Time Travel Entertainment: Millennium Star
November 3, Malmö

The Laughing Show
October 30, Sandness

Artistic Break: Restroom
October 18-20, Stavanger

Artistic Break
September 20, Prague

Artistic Break
September 10, Prague

Time Travel, The Conference
August 27-28, Malmö

Artistic break – A virtual TV-show Performance
August 24, Vaasa

Time Travel, Malmöfestivalen
August 12-13, Malmö

Time Travel, Dunkers Kulturhus
August 10-11, Helsingborg

Virtual Reality Resa: Shopping Centre Time Warp
June 15, Malmö

B3IG3 x Sofia Wickman x Gallery Extra presents: Johan Lundin & Christopher Füllemann Drag and Drop
June 8, Copenhagen

The appearance and disappearance of futures and pasts
March 22 – April 21, Malmö

February 12-13, Malmö

January 11-13, Stockholm


Extra City: A City with Art
December 12, Dals Långed

Artistic Mingle: Virtual Artist Alter Egos
November 9, Dals Långed

Private Home Getaway – Travel in VR from your home
October 24-25, Dals Långed

Intentional Beach Camp – VR travel
August 5, Malmö

Adventure Airlines / Carol Darwin – Making of Safety Video
June 30, Vaasa

Dream Trip Travels – Artistic Dinner Evening
June 16, Vaasa

Sun Trip Resorts
May 18, Medstugan

Johan Lundin – Social Setup, VR Performance
April 20, Malmö