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Travel in VR from your home with Dream Trip Travels!

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Dream Trip Travels is now offering travels in VR (Virtual Reality) to everybody living in Dals Långed, Sweden. You simply suggest a suitable time when you book your ticket. You are welcome to bring some friends or travel alone.

  • When we arrive you get to select one VR-travel from our best recommendations.
  • Traveling takes 5-10 minutes / person.
  • A reporter from the fictive newspaper Sun Times News will be documenting your journey through video and sound recording.

Dream Trip Travels is a fictive travel agency started in 2018 under them name Sun Trip Resorts within the corporate travel group Worldtrotters™ and have since then been offering VR-travels to several hundred people in both Vaasa, Medstungan, Olofström and Malmö. All our VR-travels are specifically designed by VR-artist Kylie Skyler for travel agencies within the Worldtrotters™ group. The agency is produced by Gallery Extra and supported by Steneby Air. Dream Trip Travels staff have a life time experience and self education in the travel and entertainment business.