Personal Spa TV
Thank you South Africa

Presented to you by Personal Spa TV, a curatorial relaxing online TV chanel and partly fictional Spa Treatment Center.

– A selection of fictional Spa Treatments
– Spa Drag Workshop
– Theatre exercises

Hosted by: Johan Lundin

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Johan Lundin is currently in residence at Greatmore Studios in Cape Town. The performativity and audience interactivity could be understood through relating to the notion dance as going in to a role, taking on a mission or a character. An approach is communicated of a setting to always be understood through the character enacting the space, living it, putting life and character in to it, dancing in it. Stating that by the act of dancing one can choose to enhance a setting, see the setting as something else, relate to the setting in alternative ways or make the setting disappear completely.

Gallery Extra is committed to introducing art, in all media, at temporary places. The exhibitions and artworks are mainly presented through live performance and online through video. The core in this way of working with art is mobility and communal power and the possibility to collaborate to create a stable but continuously changing production platform. Gallery Extra strives to create opportunities to interact with and reach a broad audience. Seeing art as a profound and competent media for social and political discourse, Gallery Extra aspires to serve as a platform for art that interacts with the surrounding society.

The performance is organized with suport from The
Swedish Art Associations / SVERIGES
KONSTFORENINGAR SWEDEN, laspis, and Greatmore Studios

KASI RC – Shack Art School & Theatre
77500 Phelandaba Street, Zwelitsha, Khayelitsha
7784 Kapstaden

Accesability: First floor, quite accessible.