Malmö Sessions, Carl Kostyál Gallery, Malmö Sweden

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Sunday, August 4th, 2019

Things are hanging on the walls. A sort of perfection in fiction and creativity is created in this shut down print workshop in Malmö when Carl Kostyál Gallery exhibits Erika Hellmans collection of art.

Haley Josephs, The Beginning (2018)
Oil on linen, 183 x 122 cm
Photo: Graziella Loyrette

Carl Kostyál Gallery presents Malmö Sessions
Venue: Ystadvägen 22
19 May – 16 June 2019

It is satisfying and relaxing to walk around in this selection of artworks from almost 50 artists. They do not communicate with each other. But as a collective they talk loud. They are art. They are contemporary art.

London based Carl Kostyál Gallery has previously made large art exhibitions in Stockholm in collaboration with collector Erika Hellman. For over a decade Erika Hellman has been working with Carl Kostyál to build a huge collection of art from international and young artists. Now we get to take part of the collection in Malmö.

Haley Josephs portrays a feminine pose in blue workwear in front of a dreamlike pink sunset. I like these colours. But work is rarely performed like this today. We don’t work with our bodies like this anymore. Mostly it feels like we are working infront of a computer.

I feel tired. I’m not impressed about what art is, in this case. Art is talking about life as it wasn’t happening right now. As it is always a memory from something in the past, a reflective mode. Where is the interactivity? Aliveness, live actions, happenings. We are not in the 60’s anymore. We are right now in a constant documentation-mode leading us in to the state where what we are doing right in this very moment is already history. It’s a quite satisfying feeling.

Austin Lee, Sun with Sunglasses (2019)
Cast aluminium, car paint, 200 x 141 x 83 cm
Photo: Graziella Loyrette

Sun with Sunglasses (2019) by Austin Lee looks like something modeled with a 3D software, some sort of quick sketch on a computer. But its crafted in aluminium. 

This is a big collection and a narrow selection of artworks portraying our digital time through analogue and craft techniques.

Participanting artists:
Zachary Armstrong, Gina Beavers, Ellen Berkenblit, Anna Bjerger, Alfred Boman, Petra Cortright, Canyon Castator, Sara Cwynar, Alex Da Corte, Maja Djordjevic, Buck Ellison, Oli Epp, Travis Fish, Gerasimos Floratos, Al Freeman, Alex Gardner, Aaron Graham, Justin John Greene, Henry Gunderson, Haley Josephs, Cheyenne Julien, Ilja Karilampi, Jordan Kasey, Botond Keresztesi, Basil Kincaid, Absalon Kirkeby, Hilma af Klint, James English Leary, Jason Matthew Lee, Austin Lee, Éva Mag, Stephen McClintock, Joel Mesler, Jill Mulleady, Robert Nava, Karl Norin, Oliver Osborne, Matthew Palladino, Jon Rafman, Loup Sarion, Ben Spiers, Constance Tenvik, Jim Thorell, Jake Troyli, James Ulmer, Austyn Weiner, Cameron Welch and Chloe Wise.

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