Exhibit Performance at Gallery Extra TV Malmö/Cape Town (Closed)

Exhibit your performance work at Gallery Extra TV. We create temporary exhibition spaces in public environments such as empty shopping centres, hunting villas, beaches, tunnels and other institutions. Video from the event will be published online. During spring 2020 we are primarily organising exhibitions in Malmö, Lund (Sweden) and Cape Town (South Africa).

What do we offer?
We offer 5700 SEK for a solo show or 3500 SEK for a group show. Exhibition space during one day, audience host and video documentation.

Who can apply and how to do it?
Artists with Master of Fine Arts working with performance. Send CV and portfolio.

Apply before Jan 28th 2020

About Gallery Extra
Seeing art as a profound and competent media for social and political discourse, Gallery Extra aspires to serve as a platform for art that interacts with the surrounding society. The core in our way of working with art is mobility and fair working conditions to create a stable but continuously changing production platform. Gallery Extra strives to create opportunities to reach and involve a broad audience. The locations and forms of the exhibitions in combination with modern technology and media brings together people with artistic interests, local and technological interests. Exhibiting in public spaces is an excellent way to meet audiences who do not usually visit art exhibitions. We see this meeting as equal valuable for the audience as for the artists.