Cute Pillow

The power of pillows is just unbelievable, its what’s always there when every thing else is gone. In the end of the day it’s what we rest our dirty mind on, recovering after damaging days of un thought thoughts, un dreamt dreams, un imagined images. Images that all come alive in our dreams. Human Creator Cute Pillow collection is exhibited in a digital environment based on Villa Kogelhof located in Holland. Because really, you would think pillows are just stupid, un powerful stuffings that dont have anything to say. I don’t believe that anymore. This relaxed cuteness would be the key to every social living room, office space, bedroom, summer house and garden. Cute pillows are all but speechless.

Pattern design: Marco Unearth
Pillow production: Sidney Horst
Sound: Kylie Skyler
Curator: Johan Lundin
3D-environment: Sevastian Marevoy

Produced in Bonderup, Sweden and Stenkrossen, Lund, Sweden.

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