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Artists are in position to decolonise

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Saturday, October 6th, 2018

Decolonisation is simply the undoing of colonialism, but it’s not a simple process neither is it a process happening by itself. Traces of colonisation definitely still exists and repeat today, they constantly needs to be decolonised.

Temi Odumosu during the lecture Decolonising Vision(s). Photo: Graziella Loyrette

Artists and art producing institutions presenting visual images are specifically in position to be able to decolonise and needs to take their responsibility to not be fixating stereotypes.

»How why and when we look, what we see, how we respond to what we se. The things we choose to represent. The way we imagine the future. Most importantly who we enable to imagine the future. All this recuires our currage. We will need to undo learnt habits and tell som very hard truths« says Temi Odumosu

Temi Odumosu, lecture ”Decolonising Visions”, 4th of October 2018, Bästa Biennalen Kick Off Conferene, Wanås Konst.

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