Artistic Break

Artistic Break is a virtual TV-show-performance hosted by a couple of charismatic characters. The show follows a call sheet produced to record stock material for a TV-show. The characters carefully follow these instructions about how to perform. When you just want a break from reality. When everything feels too stressful. When even your own beautiful life, the life you spent your whole life to be living, feels like the most business oriented industry ever. This is when you need Artistic Break.

Gallery Extra is a performance work by Johan Lundin consisting of a gallery exhibiting performance art at temporary places. Gallery Extra is administered mainly by fictive alter-ego characters and the artists exhibited are both fictional and real. Seeing art as a profound and competent media for social and political discourse, Gallery Extra aspires to serve as a platform for art that interacts with the surrounding society. Furthermore Gallery Extra run several fictive travel agencies that offers travels in VR. These fictional travel agencies sure work as real travel agencies. They sell tickets, host Fun FitnessTM and offer a broad selection of virtual journeys. Besides they have the most beautiful uniforms in the whole VR-travel industry.

To perceive the inappropriate, unexpected or humorous is to catch a glimpse of unseen structures in a specific environment. They perform drag. They like to think that we are dragging humanity. In a traditional interpretation of drag that would mean they are not human originally, but they are crossdressing into them, and they love being human. The concept of being real is present in their work. True realness is performed when getting as close as possible to a category one do not actually belong to. Artificiality, robotic expressions, wigs and thick layers of make might fail in performing realness but often reveals some unexposed categories. amp personas embody and satirize categories of gender and social positions while offering a glamorous reality escape.