About Gallery Extra

Gallery Extra is a performance work founded 2018 by Swedish artist Johan Lundin and administrated by several alter ego characters. Gallery Extra is a drag, a veil and a disguise of a gallery occupying positions and claiming authority. The exhibitions and artworks presented within Gallery Extra are unfolded through live performance and sometimes expanded online through video, VR or interactive games. The core in this way of working with art is mobility and communal power, self organisation amongst artists and the urge to foster a fun, fair, socially and economically stable and qualitative art market for the artist, the audience and the collector. Exhibitions have been arranged at venues such as empty shopping centres, hunting villas, beaches, luxurious suits, tunnels and at other institutions.

Gallery Extra has been organising exhibitions in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic and South Africa. Through being a continuously changing production platform we try to interrogate our own rules and standards. Gallery Extra sometimes strives to create opportunities to interact with and reach a broad audience, other times we speak to our close family and sometimes we just have a conversation with ourself. Seeing art as a profound and competent media for social and political discourse, Gallery Extra aspires to serve as a platform for art that interacts with and forms the surrounding society.