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VR performance

Social Setup

Touchable objects in VR.

Personal Spa TV

Personal Spa TV: Millennium Star gazer

Millennium Star-gazer.


Wordltrotters Virtual Travel Guide Inclusive Preview


Trailer: Artistic Break

Artistic Break in Stavanger


What is Gallery Extra?

Where are the exhibitions?

Relaxing VR-experience

Trailer: Intentional Beach Camp

Dream Trip Travels is a partially fictive travel agency.

Dance installation

Trailer: Drömjobb

Drömjobb is a tactile and visual dance installation.

Relaxing VR-experience

Trailer: VR Treatment Light Therapy

Sun Trip Resorts is a partially fictive travel agency.

VR Travels

Trailer: Social Setup

Social Setup is a story in Virtual Reality and a physical scenographic installation.

Sun Times News

Katarina Löfström på Wanås Konst

Sun Times News

Superflex visitors counter at Lunds Konsthall

Sun Times News

Vaginal Davis about political art

Vaginal Davis talks about political art, humor and history.

Sun Tmes News

A social and digital maker space

VR and laser cutters brings people together when Folk Lab Tour 2018 is touring Sweden at 7 different locations during one month. 

Sun Times News

New free performance art school

Curriculum is an independent public school of performance art in Copenhagen

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