Trailer: Artistic Break


Artistic Break is a TV-show performance.

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2020-04-23 12:20:11

Free private view


Production year:

Studio 17, Stavanger

Performance date:
2020-10-23 14:00


Full cast & crew:

Set design, Sound and Choreography: Johan Lundin
Unity VR Game Development: Johan Lundin
Production: Gallery Extra / Johan Lundin
Original composer: Giuseppe Verdi

Mentorship: Rasmus Raphaëlle Östebro

Mentorship (BoostHBG): Bjarke Pedersen
C# script (BoostHBG): Peter Caddock
BoostHBG: Alyssa Lewin, Hanna Schedin Carter, Alison Norrington, Jakob La Cour, Anrick Bregman
VRFTW Participants: Åsa Egnér, Pernilla Belfrage, Anders Eastgrove Östlund.

Screenprint technician: Vera Ohlsson
3D print technician: Jan Cardell
KKV Monumental administration: Anna Fransson
Transport: Jan Lundin, Kerstin Lundin
Textfeedback: Nikolina Nordin

Inter Arts Center, Technician: André Tente, Magnus Pålsson
Inter Arts Center, Manager of VR studio: Margot Edström
Inter Arts Center, Site Manager: Sven Yngve Oscarsson
Inter Arts Center, Director: Christian Skovbjerg Jensen
Host: Rasmus Östebro, Eva-Marie Elg
Videocamera: Adam Lunneborg
Editing: Johan Lundin

Produced with support from BoostHBG and Inter Arts Center


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Trailer: Artistic Break

Artistic Break is a TV-show performance.

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