Worldtrotters™ new virtual travels

Fictive travel companies offering travels in VR

En lekfull spelvärld i förfall

Björn Camenius på Galleri Lars Hjelm

A playful game world in decline

Björn Camenius at Galleri Lars Hjelm

Important additions to just super beautiful images

Graziella Loyrette visited Lars Lerin's art gallery Sandgrund in Karlstad.

Viktiga tillägg i annars bara super-vackra miljöbilder

Graziella Loyrette besökte Lars Lerins konsthall Sandgrund i Karlstad.

Poetic beats and unsettled sceneries

Emanuel Tägil performing The Countryside Smiles to the Ghosts EP in Bengtsfors

Empowering femme-worlds

Sissy Bomb by Martin Forsberg visualizes non-binary expressions.

Stärkande femme-världar

Sissy Bomb av Martin Forsberg synliggör icke-binära uttryck.

Dramatiska bildrutor av parallella världar

Varm atmosfär när Skapargruppen bjuder på konstutställning och kaffe i Ekeby

Why is colonisation related to art?

Life stories can be co-existing on equal premisses

Breathtaking masculine competition glitter

Game On by Molly Lowe at Lilith Performance Studio

Verklighetsgripande maskulint tävlingsglitter

Game On av Molly Lowe på Lilith Performance Studio

Artists are in position to decolonise

Temi Odumosu during the lecture Decolonising Vision(s)

Technology and creativity creates communities

Folk Lab Tour 2018 is touring Sweden

New free performance art school

Curriculum is an independent public school of performance art in Copenhagen

Disidentification through drag performance

Drag interrupts fixated positions

Vaginal Davis noncommercial art advice

How to survive as artist without commercial hype

Stories of Maria Wine and Artur Lundkvist

Historical exhibition about the famous writers

VR in Harry Martinsons school

VR-artworks in progress in school setting

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